Uploading Downloading and Sharing of videos Craze Rising in Teens

Videos become a big fascination with teenage girls and boys. It is best way for them to capture memories – happy, sad, fun, romantic or adventurous memories. They make videos when its a friend’s birthday, party, annual day celebration or social get together in any grand hotel or restaurant. They capture videos and photos so that they can see them whenever they want to relive those memories. Only capturing a video and pics is not where they stop. They have a strong desire to share it with everybody. They upload pics and videos on their facebook and orkut accounts – so that via social networking sites they can showcase their adventures and fun filled  rocking times. The same way they capture and showcase the memories they have had through videos, they also want to show their friend circle their taste in movie and music. For this they download hollywood movies video trailors of the most happening actors and actress and upcoming hollywood movies upload them in the videos category in facebook and orkut. These teenage boys and girls enjoy this and it become a constant topic of discussion among  them. And if by chance they get and opportunity to get any pics with any celebrity then don’t leave any opportunity of show off. They do every thing to get attention by that picture or video in there school and colleges. With time now even these facilities are available in mobile phones and specially phone like Nokia N8, HTC desire HD, Sony Ericsson XPERIA and Samsung Galaxy have a very good picture quality which has enhanced people interest in all such things. They love video making, downloading videos and uploading videos on different websites.

Rain Dance Party By Teen College Students

youjizz dance videoAmong all college going guys and girls dance party has its own charm. Almost each and every student loves it because of its impact for Hollywood films. Dance party is a trend which has been going across the globe irrespective of the location and culture and highly inspired from Hollywood films. Whether the guy or girl be American, Chinese, Japanese, British, Australian, Indian, German, Canadian, African all loves party and specially college teens. A college teen doesn’t need a reason to party but still they are on constant lookout for organizing party like a fresher party, farewell, friendship day or Valentine day. They just need a reason to do party and dance. So there was one such occasion for College Students and it was birthday of their favorite teacher Jennifer Lopez. It was her 50th birthday so everyone decided to do something innovative, completely new, different and Hollywood style. Many teens followed Linda Goodman so few teens decided that as she was Cancerian so she is likely to have a positive disposition towards rains and water. Going by this logic, everyone decided to organize a rain party for her. Almost all departments of college were invited in the party so obviously a huge gathering was expected and that’s what actually happened. Drinks and Snacks were available on various counters; everybody loved the starters that were served. As soon as party started students started searching for their partners, within a short time duration all couples were ready to dance. Hip hop, rock and dance numbers wowed the crowd with DJ playing tracks of Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Eminem and of other popular bands like Black Eyed Peas, leaving everyone swinging and swooning. Some latin dance numbers were also played so crowd engaged themselves in ballroom dance, the main being Salsa, Bachata, Rueda, Zouk Lambada and Jive. Even Mrs & Mr Lopez shook their ass on some romantic songs. As what happens in such parties some nuisance was created by few teens, professors had to intervene in order to control the situation, thankfully nothing went overboard. Overall the party was rocking and girls were looking hot in wet dresses. Guys were enjoying having a hot milk in a cold weather where girls were enjoying hot coffee while making party video. Videos and photos which were taken by teens from there camera and mobiles were displayed in college annual function. This was among the best party of college which was enjoyed by everyone including college girls, boys and all the faculty members.