Rafael stupidity on his Vaccation to Hawaii

Some years back I (Rafael) went on vacation with wife (Maria). We were in a very small travel van with all basic things required for human survival.

Afteer a long drive towards Hawaii, late night and I was tired of driving, We happened to see a large parking lot that was vacant and decided to set up camp for the night and take a rest over there.

It was a Saturday night and I thought no one would be using it on  Sunday morning. So, I parked and set up camp. By morning I had all the camping gadgets set up, gas grill, lawn chairs, trash can etc.

Early morning before sun rises I went for photography with my wife at nearby places. I used my new SLR camera for photography for  1st time and its quality was soo good that i was unable to stop me from capturing pics. We took pics of kids, young girls, women, couple. Even we have captured pics of a young honeymoon couple with there permission. That couple was soo romantic that it reminds me of my honeymoon days. After seeing them Maria was unable to stop herself from kissing me in public. She hugged me tightly. It was more exiting then kissing Sora Aoi.youjizz Sora aoi

Maria is net/facebook addict. She immediately upload all pictures and videos i captured to her facebook account. And Messaged her friends to see them and also to download videos uploaded by her.

While returning back to our camp we called Hotels in Hawaii and booked a room for us.

When we reached at our camp at 11 AM we noticed a line of cars were parked in the parking lot and people dressed up in tuxedos and long dresses walk right next to my camp and enter the front door of the building that I was parked right in front of.

Then after seeing those people staring at my camp I notices that I set up camp in front of the main entrance for a high school graduation!

Of all the passing graduates and family members I remember asking one of them as “what day does the trash get picked from here”! – By Youjizz

Angelina Moved on After the End of Brad.

Angelina was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. She was tall, slim, smart and beautiful girls who can win anyone’s hearts with a mere flick of her eyebrows or a drop of her eyelids.

We happened to be neighbors, classmates and the best of friends. Angelina’s family owned many hotels and restaurant in America. They were rich still down to earth and believe in social work and donations.
Angelina used to get several proposal every now and then for many classmates including senior and juniors. Neighbor guys used to stare at her whenever she used to move out of her home. Among all the admirers who approached her, none was outright rejected, but Angelina was careful to watch her step and never committed anything to anyone.

As the years went by, Angelina passed her school and entered college. She was a ravishingly beautiful by that time, eating her way easily into boys’ and men’s hearts alike. Well, She did not do all that consciously or intentionally, just her beauty, charm and dressing sense did it all for her.Her choice of cosmetics, perfume and deodorant add more to her appeal. She was a young woman of nineteen, in the full bloom of youth. She was hot and confident. Her talking style and smile make many guys to fall for her..
In time, she fell in love with a neighborhood friend called Brad. There was no particular feature that could single Brad out from the multitude of suitors who craved for Angelina’s attention except for the fact that he was a poet of sorts and a romantic one at that.

Brads poems of love appealed to Angelina in a way that was markedly different from the way her other suitors wooed her. Brads poems were enough to make Angelina fall for him.

Within a short time, both were stupidly in love with each other and you could see them sitting in moonlight gardens, hand in hand, looking at the moon or at each other for God knows what amount of time. They started exchanging cards and gifts. Angelina was mad for the gifts she used to received from brad, as brad use to write something poetic with every gift he give to her. They use to go for late night romantic movies and romantic stage shows. They use to have online video cam chat for whole night.

Their initial infatuation with each other ultimately matured into a fine affair. Brad and Angelina were deeply in love and were finding it increasingly difficult to stay away from each other. When she was away from him, Angelina would read his letters, most of which were love poems praising her beauty, her voice, her smartness.

They decided to marry the very day he got a job. Brad was small just in second year of his college so it was atleast a year needed for him to enter into a job. They even started to plan for their honeymoon destinations. They were planning to go to Milan Italy. Where they planned for lots of shopping Piazza di Spagna – Spanish Steps – Via dei Condotti. In Rome. They started saving so that they can shop at stores such as Armani, Prada, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and other notable names.
The year rolled by, and Brad died. Just like that. Road accidents generally occur without any prior ceremony. It was sudden shock to every known of Brad, they were unable to accept that brad is no more alive.

It is better to move quickly over the predictable aftermath. Angelina became almost a recluse, hardly coming out of her room, not eating properly and refusing to accept the hard truth. Anyway, time mellows even the worst sorrow, so in a few months, she started interacting normally, but mentally, she was shattered and drained of all emotions.

Angelina’s story was much like a movie called ‘Lacemaker’ in which a woman had undergone a similar metamorphosis under deep personal sorrow and anguish.

One year passed by and Angelina fell in love with her another guy Christian Bale. He happened to be a Dance teacher and used to stay at a nearby. People found her happily laughing and chatting with this person.

Many of us were surprised to see her transformation. In fact, at first, I felt quite dismayed. ‘Was love so temporary. I asked her, in a guarded manner the reason for this sudden change in her mood.

She embraced me tightly and replied happily, ‘You know, Brad has come back’. Via-Youjizz

Bens Stupidity for Cruz’s Love – Crazy Love by Youjizz

People say love is beautiful. Love is life. Love is sacrificing. Love is unconditional. But sometimes, some people mistake madness for love. They think that love is all about possessing. That’s what exactly happened with Ben Affleck. He saw Cruz on the beach when he had gone for a picnic with his friends. He and his gang of young boys were clicking photos and capturing videos. They even clicked photos of young girls in skinny clothes on their cameras secretly when the girls weren’t noticing. Ben was known to be a Casanova who never stuck around with the same girl for more than a month. And girls even when they knew his reputation fell for him very easily as his bad image and dangerous dark looks were like a magnet to girls. During the picnic there was lot of mocktail flowing in and loads of delicious food from the nearby restaurants being supplied to the fun-loving picnic makers. Ben had not eaten anything but had consumed a lot of Drinks. He was already in high spirits and was trying to relax on a recliner chair. That’s when Cruz caught his eye. She was wearing a bright yellow color mini skirt and short panache top and a tattoo on her waist make her look more appealing. Ben’s mouth fell open when he saw her. His high spirits were all gone in a minute. He had never ever seen such a beautiful and hot babe in his life. He decided that he has to have this girl as his girlfriend. He got up from the recliner and went and approached her. Cruz was a girl of sensibilities and great sixth sense. She understood immediately what character Ben had. She diplomatically excused herself and went and sat with a group of friends. Ben couldn’t go and reach her there. Throughout the picnic Cruz never went anywhere alone. Ben couldn’t find an opportunity to talk to her there. That’s when he started wooing a girl from Cruz’s gang. She immediately fell for him. He took her number and asked her to meet her after they went back from the picnic to the town where they all lived. Ben used all his charm and managed to get Cruz’s number from that girl. When he got her number, he found out her address from the phone directory. And that’s when he started stalking her. He followed her everywhere she went. He sent her secrets notes. Sometimes he sent her flowers. Sometimes chocolates. Sometimes greeting cards. Sometime some other gifts like free meal coupons and discount coupons of some famous cafe, restaurant and hotels of Hawaii.  He has taken many idea from hollywood movies to impress her. He even searched on net about various ideas to impress girls. Once he also sent her an album of her photos that he had clicked secretly. The last straw was when he sent a gift for Valentine’s day which had swimwear in it and his number with it. Cruz being a girl of courage called him up. He picked up the call and said that he loves her.  If she doesn’t accept his proposal,he will commit suicide. Cruz knew the type of such guys. She said he can freely. That’s when Ben started showing his true colors. He now started giving blank calls to her. He stopped her midway on the road and tried to molest her. By God’s grace, the road was crowded and hence she call for help. As people started gathering, he ran away from there giving her a warning that she’ll have to pay for treating him like this.

One week later…
Ben was following Cruz since she had left from her friend’s place after her studies late in the evening. It had become quite dark. He kept following her. The lane towards her house used to be always lonely. He waited till she entered it, and then caught her by the arm and said that since she insulted him always and didn’t respect his love, he is going to spoil that beautiful face forever so that nobody will ever fall in love with her. He had a bottle of acid in his hands. He showed it to her and started laughing like a maniac. He was about to unscrew it and throw it on her face when the police came from a corner and arrested him. Cruz knew that her life was in danger after the episode on the road. She had lodged a complaint and since then she was under observation. Cruz’s presence of mind and courage saved her a life and gave Ben the punishment he so deserved. By – Youjizz

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