Selena And Gomez Honeymoon In Venice by Youjizz


A young couple, Gomez and Selena, who were madly in love with each other got married in a fairytale-like wedding, and now was the time for their honeymoon. Gomez and Selena were awaiting this for years. Both had made great plans for this golden phase of their life. Selena spent weeks before the wedding day shopping for dresses, swimsuits, lingerie, bikinis and cosmetics. And Gomez knew exactly what turned on Selena. So he had shopped for perfumed candles. They had decided to go to the beautiful Venice. Venice is known as one of the most romantic places. They had booked a boat-house on the beach. The owners of the boat-house have made beautiful decorations for this special couple. The room was filled with chocolates, colourful flowers and the room smelt enticing. They had carried a digi-cam to capture their most private and beautiful moments. Since Venice is the most romantic places, many newly married young couples other than Selena and Gomez had come to celebrate their honeymoon. Venice is also a major fashion and shopping centre in Italy, just like  Milan, Florence or Rome, but par to Turin, Vicenza, Naples and Genoa. Roberta di Camerino, So they did lots of shopping. After that they enjoyed themselves in water rides on jet boats, long slides and in deep water pools. After they enjoyed their day in the water rides, they had a delicious lunch served by the water park restaurant. They enjoyed themselves later in the rain dance where many teenage girls and boys were also getting intimate. After the water park, they went to a disco in one of the grand hotels of Venice ie Hotel Youjizz  facing the beach. There were many girls dressed in skinning clothers. Selena and Gomez danced their heart away in each other’s arms. They had shots of tequila and vodka and got high. Alcohol was flowing from the bar. After that they went for a quite candle light dinner and had red wine too. They then went back to their beautiful boat house and had a wonderful night there. This is how they spent a week in Venice with each other. It was the best phase of their life. There stay at hotel youjizz added great memories to there tour to Venice along with the beautiful video of their trip which was gifted by hotel manager and staff.

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