Beach Sports in Hot Summer

It was the occasion of the outdoor sports…the high school beach cricket tournament. Cricket was a recent phenomenon in USA and girls were showing lots of interest in it especially teens. Chinese and Japanese teens had some sort of special gift for that. Somebody told me that people with short height are better in playing cricket, may be that was the reason. In the spectators Arthur and his friends were sitting right near the boundary line. Cocktails Mocktails and Sizzling hot coffee was also served for free. The best thing with this tournament was that it was being recorded with a small but very powerful hidden cam above the lights. On the other side professional players of the respective schools were also playing against each other but everybody had interest in watching the fairer guys rather than some sweaty boys. It was fun for spectators to see these teens throwing themselves  around to catch a small red cherry which they term as a “ball”.

Angelina Jolie was there to promote the match. The match was really high stakes one…it involved cute girls against the guys. The charm of this match was unmatchable. People were gathered from all around the city to watch it. Some people by their looks seemed like had straight come from their hotel bedroom without even taking a shower. Even the African girls and European blonde babes were wearing some skinny dresses. Hot cheerleaders were adding to the game with their amazing costumes. The reason given was that it gave them mobility. Arthur was not sure about the girls’ mobility but it did provide his eyes some mobility. There were many groups of cute Floridian and michigan young babes that had come to watch the match. But one group caught his eye and especially the girl who looked very young. But there was one problem, because of getting drunk too much he had to go to restroom. But when he went to one cabin, it already had somebody in there. Same happened in other cabins also. He tried all the restroom and bathrooms available but couldn’t find any one which was vacated. His bladders were about to burst but finally the moment came and he found one restroom vacant.

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